SoundPure Studios & the Retro DOUBLEWIDE

Part 1: Stand Up Bass

The Retro DOUBLEWIDE 500 Series Tube Compressor delivers the tube compression sound you expect because it has four actual variable-mu tubes under the hood and excels at processing delicate sources like bass and vocals. In the first video of our Retro DOUBLEWIDE series, SoundPure Recording Engineer, Allen Palmer, starts us off with the Retro on Stand Up Bass.

Part 1 – Stand Up Bass

Part 2 – Drums

Part 3 – Resonator Guitar

Part 4 – Vocals

Part 5 – Full mix

What We Think

The Retro Doublewide is one of the first 500-series compressors I’ve heard that is nearly impossible to “push too hard” with. What exactly does this mean for you? Due to its impeccably well-designed circuitry, inspired by the Gates Sta-Level (variable mu design), the Doublewide is able to adapt to and control an incredibly dynamic vocal/bass/guitar/keyboard/what-have-you without the typical gasping or unpleasant pumping associated with over-compressing.

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